About EEDC

ECOMAC EQUIPMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (EEDC) is the Philippines' premier supplier and importer of heavy equipment from Japan and other Asian countries. We are dedicated to providing professional service in the BUYING, SELLING AND RENTING OUT OF NEW and QUALITY PRE-OWNED HEAVY EQUIPMENT within Metro Manila.

EEDC was organized and registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission in March 1972. Initially, the Company ventured into the importation and trade of light and heavy trucks, motor vehicles, and heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, excavators, payloaders, graders, rollers, cranes, together with their spare parts and attachments. In January 2000, EEDC began engaging itself in the business of heavy equipment rental for its major markets: the construction and trucking industries. During the first quarter of 2011, the company added another product to its already extensive line of services — the rental of cement pumps. It is EEDC’s mission to remain updated with the changes of demand, and the needs of our clients in order to consistently provide up to date products and services. EEDC strives to make customers' investments well worth it through the expansion of our technology and our ever-reliable staff.

ECOMAC EQUIPMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (EEDC) is a dependable provider of machines suitable for construction, specializing in the rental requirements of small to mid-sized machinery. EEDC also offers generator rental for industrial use, and rollers from 4-25 tons for asphalting or road preparation. To see all of our machinery and equipment available for rent, please browse through our Sales and Rental page or contact us today.